Fantasys Escort it the revolution started here with soon the WORLD! Fantasys Escort it the revolution started here with soon the WORLD! Every great Vision begins with a Dream. Serving Maryland - Wasington DC and South Eastern PA
Fantasys Escort it the revolution started here with soon the WORLD! Fantasys Escort it the revolution started here with soon the WORLD!

The Fantasys Network

The Fantasys Escort Service Success Formula in 21 States!
Become a Professional Private Companion Escort in 1,050 cities!

Recognized as the Southeast USA's most respected
VIP Escort Service for Courtesan Class Professional Private Companion Escorts in 21 States, 1,050 cities, 2 Continents and 3 Countries for 27 years under the original owner.

FANTASYS is seeking honest, reliable, petite women interested in part time or temporary employment opportunities with full time incomes.

If you've ever wondered "how do I Bbecome an escort"
or "I wonder if I should give this a try because I'm really tired of busting my butt and not getting anywhere" you wouldn't alone because over 4000 other women asked themselves that same question this month in The Fantasys Network. The economic slide has brought even more non traditional job applicants to Fantasys Escorts than last year and we've been forced to open a free adult entertainment employment service to handle the requests from everyone that we cannot consider for escort employment with Fantasys.

We're rather exclusive and the average "adult" applicant usually doesn't meet our exceptionally high standards because we aren't looking for the "normal" girl that you find associated to these adult escort services. We really are sincere about normal, clean and sober, slender, girl next store types to work with.

If you're in school, a single Mother, going through a divorce, recently laid off and the bills are piling up and you may simply need a cash influx this would be perfect for you. We're very flexible to work with once you're hired. Even if its only for one day a week, we can work with you as long as you can be relied upon. Escorts at Fantasys decide upon thier schedules unlike other locol escort agencies.

Some of the more notable benefits that you will find re-assuring are:
Make your own schedule, travel or stay in your home area, no special education required, no late night hours, no weekends required. Holidays off to spend with the family, only upscale, white collar professional gentlemen of means. Exclusive, completely pre-screened & verified clients at Fantasys Escort Agencies and We'll Prove It to you of course. (unlike our competition in the industry. YOU CANNOT screen over the phone, dummies!) No unsafe or unsanitary conditions exist here in any way. I give you my word.

For our "keepers" Fantasys offers:
Profit Sharing
Revenue Sharing
Managment Opportunities
Affiliate Franchise Opportunities
Relocation Assistance
Health & Dental Policies
and more that we cannot put in public.

For those that cannot meet our size 0-5/6, 18-36 year old clean and sober requirements perhaps some other escort agencies outside of The Fantasys Network can below. Nationwide adult entertainment employment opportunities with local escort service jobs and adult entertainment work through our escort referral network with verified escort services that utilze Fantasy Client Screening.

Have no doubts about it, Fantasys is completely unique in every way. NO providor service has has been as instrumental or influential in this business as we have for over 2 decades. FantasyEnterprises (my parent corp) has INVENTED many of the technologies that you probably use today!

Fantasys has pioneered so many avenues in advertising adult entertainment and developing emerging Internet technologies that we've lost count. Not to mention ESTABLISHING THE STANDARDS that the entire escort service industry as a whole practices as a minimum standard these days. FANTASYS ESTABLISHED SCREENING AS A STANDARD PRACTICE in the Previous Century! (not to be confused with "vouching or referalls" which is NOT screening)

If you're willing to exchange poverty and a meager paycheck for an life that you design come on and apply today for for an idea of what WE DO FOR YOU IN THE FANTASYS NETWORK!



I am interviewing prospective escorts immediately for
Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Missouri, Alabama,
Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio & Indiana.
N & S Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas,
Michigan & Mexico.

IF you're interested in areas not mentioned
Escort Employment Services :

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