How to Keep your Vagina Healthy for the Busy Winter Seasons!

There are many ways to keep your vaginal area healthy and ready for work. One way is by making sure you’re getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water each day (especially when it’s hot outside!), managing stress levels properly with meditation or yoga exercises like a downward dog !!! Don’t forget about dieting either – eat light meals high in fluids so that any toxins will be eliminated more quickly than they can accumulate., etc…

Whether it’s during your period or not, a healthy vagina needs to be well-dressed. That means wearing clothes that allow air through and avoid trapping moisture inside the fabric–the enemy of all good things!
I recommend natural fabrics like silk so you can breathe easy knowing there won’t be any unpleasant surprises when nature calls (and let’s face facts here people usually do). Lace bras may seem extra but they’re actually really helpful because as soon as those hooks click into place an elastic band pulls

You may be thinking that a vaginal douche is an answer to all your problems, but don’t get caught up in its hype. Vaginal washes and other products claim they can cleanse or dry out the vagina; however, this only makes matters worse for those who want healthy vaginas! The self-cleaning machine already does an excellent job without interference from anything inserted inside of you as well as washing away any natural lubrication present during normal menstruation cycles (which often causes discomfort).

You know what they say, “Don’t Pal around with your bushes.” Your pubic hair is there for a reason. It can keep bacteria and dirt away from the vagina so by getting rid of it you are inviting problems into yourself! That’s why we recommend that when trimming or landscaping make sure not to go all ‘cavewoman style’ down below but rather just tidy up some existing bush without removing too much bulk material at once (you could always use an electric razor).

Always check the ingredients when buying lubricants, and try to go for a silicone formula or vegan ones that don’t contain glycerin. You can also avoid scents like scent oil in order not to affect your natural pH level with bacterial growth inside of your vagina!

Safe sex is the best type of sexual intercourse, and we mean that it’s more than just wearing a condom. Safe-sex practices should also include regular STD checking up on your part as well as using spermicides or other protective materials if needed because our vaginal flora can be messed with by certain types without knowing beforehand! When performing different kinds of acts (anal vs oral), make sure not only do you have all necessary cleaning supplies but order them in reverse order so there won’t go from one object entering into another without being cleaned first

Pee after having unprotected sex to avoid urinal infections. Sleep naked and your pee will stay cool, which is good for both vaginal health as well as keeping you calm during a book signing or other event where heat might make things irritable!